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Getting Started

It's strange to say I'm just getting started, but It honestly feels like I'm just beginning this journey every day. I've been at this for over 14 years and never would have guessed I'd be here writing my first ever blog post.

I guess that's just how life is supposed to be. I started this journey a single man with no kids and a guitar. I never dreamed I'd one day be here today with multiple PAs, a home studio, nine guitars, and music available on so many platforms. I most definitely didn't expect people to look up to me as a social figure and even in person as a teacher and influencer.

I always wanted to do more than just sing and entertain. I wanted to build something bigger. My eyes were big at first, but that was when my goals were selfish. I wanted to be a star. It was all that mattered. Becoming a father and getting older has a way of humbling a man and my goals quickly shifted.

I started really wondering what value I brought to the world and eventually really found myself drawn to posting inspirational content. I wasn't after facebook likes or any kind of fame. In fact, I usually was taking a message I wanted to give one particular person I knew was going through something and instead of posting their situation, I would make it something I believed many could relate to.

I began to gain a following unintentionally in that category. I never even thought about using this skill to help my career. It just made me happy. It wasn't till I noticed I was getting a lot more attention on my personal page over my music page that I realized I might be looking at things wrong in separating the two. I love my music, and the random inspirational posts brought value to those that followed me. Even my blunt rants and attempts at being funny were being well recieved.

In conclusion, I don't know what my blog will be about mainly because I have a hard time turning my brain off and settling on one subject. Over time, I will probably focus it in, but then again, maybe I won't.

I just know that I want to bring value to those who follow and believe in me. If there is anything you'd like me to touch on, please feel free to comment or message me about it. I'm here for you. You are my lifeblood in this world and I'll literally rope the moon if there is a way.

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