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Once upon a time, there was a boy. He had the same routine every week. Get thought the week till Sunday Nights. He was a terrible student and a quiet kid, but his love for music brought out the best in him. Sunday nights were spent at an old bar where his dad played country music and his mom waited tables every week. It was the only place he felt like he belonged.

He was a loner otherwise. He didn't talk to many people and never had the confidence to pursue much of anything outside of catching different critters in the back yard. He spent his free time day dreaming about being Garth Brooks as he listened to the Double Live Album. He played a mean air guitar in front of a bathroom mirror audience.

Sundays were a different story. Sundays were his. The boy was known at this place and people were interested in what he had to do. He got to play with the band and when someone from school happened to be there, he was confident showing off what he could do on a dance floor.

His grandmother taught him how to dance, and he loved it. He spent his time just asking every person that would let him lead them across the dance floor. Every girl, woman and their grandmothers were led across that dance floor by this boy if they'd say yes. Mainly he'd dance with his grandmother, mother and baby sister.

This particular Sunday was something special. It was his 16th birthday and the girl he always had on his mind was going to be there. She was everything in his eyes. They were as together as two kids could be living so far away and she'd called and told him she would definitely be there. So as he walked into the bar one night, he looked all over to see if she was there yet.

He felt anxious as he wondered, "will they make it?" or "what if they can't come?"

As he looked all over he saw so many people that he knew. Mostly family and people his mother worked with, but he didn't see the girl of his dreams there yet. He went to the tables reserved for his birthday party and started drawing. It was his normal routine before the band played.

"Happy Birthday" he heard a familiar woman's voice say from somewhere behind him. "This one nearly threw a fit because we weren't going to come. So we had to."

Behind her was her 11 year old daughter, a tall skinny girl with blond hair and blue eyes. She was shy as could be as she awkwardly waved and said, "hi."

The boy smiled and hugged her. She had long lanky arms and could easily reach all the way around him. He hugged him and buried the side of her head in his chest like she'd never let go.

"Thank you for coming," he said as the separated from the hug. The boy knew the young girl had a crush on him so he made sure he was nice all the time to her.

She never raised her head up. She was shuffling her feet around as she looked mainly at the ground in front of her. She'd glance up, blush and quickly turn away.

They made the trip from another state to see the band. They did this most Sundays and the boy would sit with them a lot because his mother worked waiting tables and his dad was playing guitar with the band.

Her mother was infatuated with the boy's Uncle who was the lead singer in the band and her family friend that tagged along was in love with the bass player.

That's when he saw her coming through the door. She was wearing a blue velvet dress and her brown hair was curled in the front. She looked almost unreal to him. Like she stepped out of a movie.

"Hey, I'll be back." the boy said as he rushed to the door.

"Bout Time," he said with a smile as he hugged her.

She smiled and showed off the necklace the boy had gotten her for her for Valentines Day last February.

"I didn't forget it this time." She said smiling as big as could be as her sisters gave the boy a hug. "Did you miss me."

"Yeah," the boy said suddenly feeling like his normal shy self. When he was around her, he wanted to be cool. He wanted to try to impress her. He'd push limits and do crazy things. It was like she brought out the "do first, thing about it later" side of him.

The band started playing and they all made their way to their tables. Grandma got first dance always and we started going through the party stuff.

"Here, hand these out," the boys mother said as she handed him some light up smiley face buttons and some party bags.

The boy didn't like these too much. He felt like they were cheesy and childish but did as he was told. He felt embarrassed giving away a bunch of cheesy kid toys. He felt like he outgrew them and they were meaningless.

As he was handing them out, he noticed the young blond haired girl sitting at her normal table by the stage. She was doodling on a napkin.

"Hey, Do you want one." the boy said.

He caught her off guard and could see she was startled. She didn't know what to say so the boy just smiled and held out one of the smiley face buttons.

"It lights up," he finished as he placed it in her hand.

She smiled her tight lipped nervous smile and didn't say a word. Just looked down at the ground once again.

The party began. The boy was pulled on the dance floor over and over again by his girlfriend and her sister along with the different regulars he'd become so known to over the years. They had cake and opened presents. His mother mentioned that a friend of the family was bringing a vehicle for him he'd gotten out of an auction possibly. The night was perfect.

He played some bass guitar with the band and even got to sing a song he made up for his uncle. It was shaping up to be an amazing day. He felt on top of the world as he got down from the stage. That feeling changed pretty suddenly.

The boy noticed his girlfriend had went outside to the beer garden so he followed her.

"Hey, having fun yet." the boy said as he smiled.

"I... I think we should break up." She said really fast. This was out of no where and the boy was lost. He didn't understand what had changed so fast.

"Okay?" He responded lost for words, "can I ask why?"

"I just don't want to anymore." she said quickly as she ran back inside.

The boy was lost. Everything seemed fine only an hour before. It didn't make sense. He'd put everything into this relationship that he possibly could. They played board games at her house. Her mother called him son. Her sisters treated him like part of the family. She had his school hoodie and all the different jewelry he'd gotten her. They talked on the phone constantly.

That was supposed to be his love story. That was supposed to be his happily ever after.

He went back inside suddenly feeling sick and not okay with anything. The girls sister came over to try and help. She was a little more dramatic than her sister could be and they did fight alot. So it was no surprise when she decided to go petty and said, "I think she just thinks that guy is cute and wants to meet him."

She was pointing at the boys brother who was rarely there and hadn't met them yet but he was there for the birthday party. The boy's girlfriend didn't know this was his brother. This sent the boy into a tailspin of emotions. He sat down angry, hurt and broken. What had he done wrong? What made his brother so great? Why change everything?

The boy tried to confront his lost love one more time and she got upset and pushed him away. She was frustrated because the boys brother wasn't interested in meeting her at all. They decided to leave shortly after and the boy painted on a smile as he told her to keep the necklace and not give it back like she was trying to do.

The party was over. The boy felt alone and found a seat away from everything else. He felt like no one thought anything of him. He felt like he wasn't worth loving. He felt like there was no point in trying anything.

The boy was obviously upset. His world was crashing down around him as he looked up and noticed a skinny blond haired girl wearing a blinking smiley face button looking at him with concern. He smiled as he saw how much she cared. She always watched him. She saw him like the star he wanted to one day become. She believed in him when there was nothing to believe in. So he got up and walked up to her.

As he approached, she stood up and raised her head for the first time that night and pushed the hair from her eyes. It was the first time he noticed just how blue her eyes were. As he noticed her eyes got wider and she froze. The boy held out his hand.

"Would you like to dance?" He asked with a smile as he took her hand and led her out on the dance floor, and that is where this story begins.

Once upon a time, not so long ago. In a land not so far away, there was this boy..... and there was this girl.

.....To Be Continued.....

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